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Samsung Galaxy s9+

So today I traded in my windows phone for Samsung Galaxy 9  Plus. Set up was spent fun! 🤔 only problem I’m having so far with the transfer is that my contacts don’t migrate into the  Android or Google contacts. Calendar isn’t working well either.
Not to mention there seems to be a lot of privacy and legal documents to read basically they looks like they’re trying to take all the privacy  Away. However in the options in return are pretty amazing technology is unbelievable I may not even ever needed a laptop or a computer again the  Way these phones are starting to operate!  I will keep you updated and I’m hoping that with my new phone and all of these awesome apps that it seems to have I will be able to keep you updated more on the Casa of our trips and comings and goings for your entertainment purposes.

I installed the Outlook App for android The phone still didn’t pickup the contacts. But in outlook I found a export button and it exported all my contacts to google contacts, without installing any 3rd party apps. Problem now id when I update or ad a contact in Google it wont sync with outlook! 🤯
Calendar didn’t sync so still working on that..

Love the camera lots of cool stuff! I will probably use it more than the GoPro.

Updated: April 3, 2018 — 6:16 pm

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