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Matrix Blue

Welcome To Matrix Blue

Matrix Blue

I have a Matrix thing! I have a ton of matrix domain names (listed below). That and a Vortex thing lol. Anyway so I created this page and pointed www.Matrix.Blue Domain name to this page. I plan on doing a lot of Matrix art work at some point so I will be updating this page as I go. So far I just finished a Blue Matrix picture of me, that I made in Photoshop. I use the Adobe cloud and just started about a moth ago. With all this website stuff that I do its taking time to learn all the software and there is a lot to learn! I bought the full subscription with all the software! Anyway here is the Matrix Blue I created with a picture of me. It was my first time and I did it kind of fast so as I expand my mind I will post more art work here.

My first Matrix pic

These are some of the matrix domain names I own. points here. this is where my other matrix domain names are for sale! Hmmmm Possibilities are unlimited! Social, Dating, Handyman etc.  Remanence of a old directory sit I was trying to do. Its still there but you cant submit links.. Remanence of a old news site I was working on.. Thinking about starting a search engine like Google! And thinking about starting a webcam listing site or a social webcam site..


That’s about it with the Matrix !

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