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Just a short update

So as most of you that know me know I  about 25 websites and over 100 domain names! You can see some of those at Matrix Domains. I try to keep some of them updated and I also try to place content on them to keep you folks interested. I am always intrigued with News. 

I have multiple news sites some are updating and some haven’t been updated in over a year ie: however I am implementing and plan on that one being my main news site to keep a eye on the government.
I also have other news sites and since I am trying to key in the search engines with the term News.. I decided to create a new news site!  Though its a sub domain I think I will work. 
I have done really good in the past years keying in on the terms I wanted and placed many of them on the first page of search engines. I wont get into that now this is more on what I am using for. Well I am going to use it for all my news sources and post for all my news sites and maybe even some of my other websites.. We will see how that goes.. 
You can see a full list of all my news domain names at:
Anyway Up Up and Away!



Updated: October 6, 2017 — 1:05 am

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