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Installing cameras on my truck

So I am installing cameras on my truck. My goal for this is to:

  1. Record all driving action. The reason I am doing this is about 3 years ago I was t-boned, I had a green arrow and the guy that hit me had a red light. They gave me the ticket for frailer to yield because the cops ask someone that drove up after the accident if they saw what color the light was she looked up as seen a green light so she said the lite was green! I know my light was green and not his because right after the accident I looked up to see in my light was red and I still had the green arrow! Not to mentation the fact that we where in a 40 mile a hour zone and the guy had to hit me doing 70 because It spun my truck 180 degrees!!
  2. I want cameras on the truck to monitor the RV and Cameras on the RV to monitor traffic next to me and one in back to monitor backing up!

So I have had cameras on all my vehicle’s in the past and now I am putting them on the truck and RV so I thought I would share this process with you. I am ding this now So I will update in a day or tow with videos and a parts list. When I am finished I will have 9 to 12 cameras that will be recording 4 to 8 of them at all times.

Updated: June 16, 2018 — 1:54 pm

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