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Time To Get A RV & Start Camping

We will be buying some sort of RV toward the Spring of 2018. At the present time we have a 24′ Popup it is only about 18’closed.  Ill try to get some of those trips online soon. I have a few Whidbey Island and Camano Islands state park trip I can update you on soon as I get a chance.. 

We are planning on going on the road 1 to 6 months at a time.  I will be updating the buying process as I go.

So far I have eliminated a 5th wheel as we plan on going to a lot of National and State parks as well as BLM and wilderness areas where we can.  large 5th wheels just seem to bulky for that kind of RV-ing .  At this time I have a GMC 2500HD with a 8.? liter engine. At 9 miles to the gallon, it pulls about anything but I am also close to eliminating a camping trailer as well. The truck is about 16ft long and if you add another 24 to 32 feet to that you are dragging a lot down the road not to mention getting into wilderness areas and the likes.

So t this time I am leaning to a RV of some sort about 24 to 26 feet long with a smaller 4×4 vehicle to tow all 4’s down. Seems the options for that a limited as there are not many (4 down) vehicles that you can tow. I don’t want a trailer, my intensions are something I can unhook and move around when I need to shorten the load. 

Next  I am Considering Looking at a 26′ Thor Vegas and maybe a Jeep Liberty or the likes to tow. here is a Video I found on YouTube of a dealer sporting an New 26′ 2016 Thor Vegas 25.2 1-Slide RUV Ford V10!!


Updated: May 18, 2018 — 12:34 am

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