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So yeah its is me 🙂

Yeah its Rich and my beautiful wife Trish.
More just me on this website, my sweetheart doesn’t like to have much of a internet presence so its just more me. 🙂 But those of you that know us know us. Anyway I have over 100 websites and post a lot of news, us veterans information, freeware and tons of other stuff on those websites. I also buy and sell them so check it them all out here at:  I have a intellectual property fetish 🙂

I hope to post more about mine and Tricia’s trips and adventures here at the Casa. I also will keep you guys up on scams and how to avoid them, plus a variety of other madness I may have like Adobe software, home projects, camping, hopefully some day metal detecting and what ever may pop up out of the blue here at the Casa.



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